ItalianModa has developed a globally-acclaimed "Business-to-Business" (B2B) marketplace technology and a winning business model. Along with these successes come the natural progression of expansion: exporting these concepts to other countries which have consolidated textile or apparel industries. By utilizing these well established and highly successful ItalianModa B2B marketplace and business model, international buyers will have the same opportunity to find new suppliers in those countries.

ItalianModa has also developed a top notch B2B E-Commerce platform for the fashion industry (including fabrics and home textiles). This cutting-edge technology of B2B commerce or catalog is also available to selected companies and trade associations interested in custom projects.

Here following a listing of the national B2B marketplaces of the ItalianModa network:

ItalianModa has developed additional B2B marketplaces for the textile, fashion, leather, and footwear Industry:

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